Vancouver Guerrilla Gardening Meetup

By , 27 January 2007 23:54

I attended this meeting as I said I would here

I don’t have reporting skills to take word for word notes, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking instead:

A very diverse group….

GGMeetup - 27Jan07

…with many interests and agendas. Some want to plant flowers in grey/concrete spaces. Others want to grow food in abandoned spaces and community gardens. Some have access to garden and growing space while others don’t.

The co-ordinator of this event is Oren

GGMeetup - 27Jan072

wearing the cap.

Ward is beginning a business making and selling turn-key raised bed gardens and is chatting with Eileen who grows flowers in over 900 square feet of garden space in a number of community gardens.

GGMeetup - Ward and Eileen

Justin – who went out and built his own community garden near where he lives – wants to setup a non-profit group to organize offical community gardens in various parts of the city, is talking with Jan who has done similar work in the U.S.

GGMeetup - Justin and Jan

It will be interesting to see where this leads.

The meeting was held at the Foundation Lounge which served a great food platter for all of us.

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