UK Observer – The Low-Carbon Diet (or how to lose half a tonne in just one month)

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Interesting article from The Observer in the UK. Filled with many links to websites offering environmental solutions, including bokashi. Using the formula in the article, composting reduces the average UK citizen carbon footprint by 443 ‘carbs’ or about 5% on a monthly basis

Lucy Siegle offers 36 positive suggestions on how we can reduce carbon emissions | Magazine | The Observer

If you follow the diet described below, you will be taking the first steps to reducing the size of the one thing you have direct control over – your carbon footprint. Almost every aspect of your life affects the size of your carbon footprint. Leaving some appliances plugged in, for instance, increases energy consumption, and this increases the amount of fossil fuels burnt in power stations, which affects the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Other aspects of your lifestyle affect your carbon footprint in less obvious ways: your kids, for example, may have plastic toys produced in China – in which case China has emitted the CO2 on your behalf.

What is a carb?

To make the diet user-friendly, we have developed our own unit of measurement: the carb. One carb represents 100g of CO2. The aim is to lose as many carbs as possible until you meet your target ‘weight’. As the average person is responsible for emitting 11 tonnes of carbon a year we have divided this by 12 to produce a monthly figure of 9,167 carbs. This is your starting ‘weight’.

Money quote:

Divert your food waste from landfill where it emits methane. One quarter of the average binful is made up of organic waste. Instead, put it in a wormery (, introduce a bokashi food-composting bin ( or install a green cone ( 433 Carbs

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