Two Videos

By , 18 March 2007 22:54

about our day and age:

The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

It is hard to believe that a little video I created in my basement in St. George Kansas could be seen by over 1.7 million people, be translated into (at least) 5 languages, and be shown to large audiences at major conferences on 6 continents within just one month of its creation. In some ways, the journey of the video speaks volumes that the content of the video could only hint at. I know I could not have done this with the technology available 3 years ago – certainly not 13 years ago – so the world really is different and I’m just happy to be part of the mass of people trying to rethink how we can best live in this quickly changing environment.Digital Ethnography

Speaking of a “quickly changing environment”….

Did You Know? aka Shift Happens

Source info on Karl Fisch‘s blog.

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