Twitter for 2008-08-11

By , 11 August 2008 23:59
  • Brother and family okay. A picture taken from his house [about 3km away from source] #
  • Will music/videos stored on a USB portable drive experience lag time during playback? #
  • @moneycoach Some of my favourites on YT might be good for mood lifting. You never know where they may lead next. #
  • @moneycoach Glad I could help. After sending the link to you, that was the first one I watched #
  • @trishussey For me: “Do or do not, there is no try” You can go for a walk when your in the mood or simply go. Latter is harder but better #
  • Almost last call for anyone who wants to join me driving to Abbotsford tonight to watch the meteor shower. On FB #
  • Not on FB? Abtsfrd Dark Sky Park open tonight. Car Co-op mini van. Share expenses #
  • @moritherapy Yoda says things the strangest way in Star Wars #
  • Ordered bulk sprouting seeds from Mumm’s today ’cause I said I would. Great Mixes variety pack. I’ll keep alfalfa. #
  • @moritherapy Hope to see you there. I’m leaving Vancouver around 11pm. Best viewing is around 430am but I don’t think I’ll stay that long. #
  • @moritherapy You need 20min for eyes to get accustomed to the dark and 1hr for good viewing. I want to see Milky Way too. That’s worth drv #
  • @moritherapy The darker the better. You will probably see some bright ones. Best chance to see more than one tonight. That’s why I’m going. #

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