Twitter for 2008-08-04

By , 4 August 2008 23:59
  • Back from FM. OK day. Supplier delays x2 have me miffed. 24hr printer closed!! 8-9am. Still waiting on the second. Day not done yet. #
  • What would you recommend as a ‘business’ font other than Copperplate? Can’t. Think. Of. Alternative. #
  • Day done now. Anyone want to meet for a beer? Hate drinking alone. Will I have to, I guess. I’ll buy the first round for 1 person.:-) #
  • The Beatles and Hava Nagila? It works!! #
  • @Urbanista Dsylexics lie awake at night wondering if there is a dog. #
  • New pics added to Flickr – – g’night all #
  • @moneycoach Visiting my bro’ for brunch. Bringing him some raspberries to can for jam. Swapping his full bokashi bucket for an empty one. #

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