By , 29 March 2007 07:44


I have nearly 2 large buckets of compost to add to my garden this spring. It seems as though using more bokashi works better–almost enough to cover the layer of food scraps.

As I mentioned before, I drilled holes in the bucket to drain off the liquid. At some point in the next few months I’ll need another bag of bokashi; perhaps if you’re in the area you could drop one off at [my work], or I could take a trip to your neck of the woods.


I’m still wondering whether the system would work for the store –most of the employees aren’t too practical, and I suspect that some of the [people] would be grossed out by the “messiness” of the procedure. However I think the owner is keen.

Tom is using his own buckets to collect his kitchen scraps, so he only needs the bokashi. He has been a client since May of 2006.

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