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By , 14 December 2007 16:52

On Facebook, Kate Dugas posted a video link from StopBigMedia

Homogenization: Good for Milk, bad for media.

Interesting and disturbing at the same time for the U.S. – sadly, nothing new for Vancouver – but I wanted to know about the music playing in the video, that I really liked.

I googled “oh lord there is no heaven techno

which led to this site: The song is “no heaven” from DJ Champion.

Over to Wikipedia for verification [hey, he’s from Montreal!!],
then finding the album he released in 2004 and the song title.

A visit Seeqpod for the musicwhich also links to the video:


Aside: If you have more than one option to share/embed a video, do you look at the profile of the YouTube member posting it to see what else they have saved? I do. I may like their taste in music but not their sense of humour.

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