Recycling Kitchen Scraps With Bokashi

By , 19 January 2007 13:04

From New Zealand via RedOrbit
RedOrbit – Science – Recycling Kitchen Scraps With Bokashi

OUR environment would be a lot better off if everyone recycled their kitchen scraps and returned those valuable nutrients to the soil. But what if you don’t have any room for a compost bin, or you just can’t manage the physical side of composting? Well, the Bokashi system could be just what you need.

What is the Bokashi system? The Bokashi system consists of two buckets that sit one inside the other. All you need to do is put your kitchen scraps in the top bucket, sprinkle on some of the bran- like Bokashi mix and replace the lid firmly on top. The foodscraps will ferment in the bucket and soon be ready to be recycled back into your soil.

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