Politics and Permaculture

By , 12 May 2009 06:31

Found this written in the Vancouver Permaculture Network’s Yahoo group:

As far as politics not being appropriate for a Permaculture listserv, nearly everything we do is affected by politics. Zoning laws decide in many ways the lifestyle we can have.

Can we build a cob house?

Can we live in a hand-built cabin made of recycled materials?

Can we have several people living together on the same land?

In some neighbourhoods you can’t have several unrelated people living together in the same house.

In some neighbourhoods you can’t put up a clotheseline.

Can we plant our front yards with vegetables?

Are cars required to have good fuel economy?

All these things and nearly everything else we do is regulated by laws, if you think about it. And who makes these laws? The government does. If those laws contribute to or lead to unsustainable lifestyles, then those laws need to be changed, or sustainability will be very difficult to ever achieve. Zoning is an excellent example of this. And the only way to change the laws is to change the government and elect people who understand what kind of laws a sustainable society will require. So I don’t understand how Permaculture has nothing to do with politics.


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