Notes for 2008-05-18

By , 18 May 2008 23:59
  • question: Anyone know if I can setup a second or third blog on the same ID? If so, how? I can’t see it #
  • Local [Vancouver, BC] buying club reorganizes into a co-op Join today!! #
  • @moneycoach I don’t have a booth @ Trout Lake. My first gig is June 1 at the Kitsilano market #
  • All the market days I am participating can be found on my blog #
  • @moneycoach Featured on Citizens Bank blog? Sure. Let me know when you want a more detailed chat. Thanks. #
  • Twhirl message: "Limit exceeded, paused 5 min" tfw is up with that? #
  • "Limit exceeded" happens when twitter’s server receives more than 70 requests per hour from user. Info here: #
  • 2 men taking up two tables couldn’t give up one for a family of five sitting at one. I let him know how to do the right thing. Ignored. #

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