Notes for 2008-04-30

By , 30 April 2008 23:59
  • Made more bokashi today. Drying more bokashi. May become an importer products from Taiwan. The sun was out today but it is not warm. #
  • @moneycoach I look forward to your updates. Any Qs – send me an email. #
  • @moneycoach If I tell you…[kidding]. Same ingredients as beer/fresh bread /yogurt – natural yeasts, Lactobacillus & molasses, bran #
  • @moneycoach just as well. An ice cream bucket on the counter to collect scraps will help. A pinch of bokashi as it fills will help too. #
  • "We are all part of the same compost heap" This quote shows up a lot in the Twtrverse over the past few days. What is the meme source? #
  • Listening to: Frank Sinatra – Mood Indigo #
  • Listening to CBC R1 Ideas to this man talking – great talk #
  • @jzip silver = metal = steel = indestructible. Simple. What a drag. Got a contract on paper? #
  • Vancouver Tweeters: Any custom brokers that you know/recommend? Thanks #
  • @brlamb Would count? The Gapminder World [top left] looks neat. The video below shows it in action. #
  • Insomnia makes the day longer #

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