Notes for 2008-04-24

By , 24 April 2008 23:59
  • Using to test website. Cool #
  • Blocking Twtr @ MusaAykac – following 40K ppl? No way! & @ googlenoticias – I can’t read Spanish. Finally @ greensense – Twtr as RSS feed #
  • Bookmarked: A Bokashi Update [UK] #
  • Playing with twhirl. UI to small for me but the built in URL shortener is neat #
  • Hell: table, food, long spoons, people unable to bend arm and feed self, mayhem Heaven: same scene, people feeding each other, calm #
  • @moneycoach Apology/Shmology Did Reagan change much between being governor of Cal. and President? Harper bides time 4 majority. Wolf emerges #
  • Enjoyed a shower with a new shower head. Green feature: Pause/slow drip to shampoo hair w/o wasting water #
  • @moritherapy Bill C10 is thin edge of Reform, oops Cons. wedge. In front: decisive action ppl want 2see from ldrs #
  • YouTube – Vancity CEO wants a Webby – Fun stuff via @moneycoach ‘s boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. … #

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