It's a big world

By , 20 February 2008 13:11

….until it gets smaller.

I don’t have a television, so I surf the web for news. Firefox came installed with live bookmarks from the BBC and every now and then I read the headlines. Yesterday, I saw this:

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Curfew for US troops in Okinawa

The order for the curfew – which is indefinite and also applies to troops’ relatives – came from the top US commander in Okinawa, Lt-Gen Richard Zilmer.

“Active duty service members on Okinawa will be limited to their place of duty or employment, worship, education, or medical or dental treatment” as they enter a “period of reflection”, a military statement said.

This affects me directly. The spouse of an American service personnel living in Okinawa is putting a package for me in the mail today. I haven’t heard from them yet to know if it has already been done or delayed.

The joys of international politics and the butterfly effect.

Update: Package mailed and received five days later!

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