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By , 9 September 2007 09:52

My neighbour was storing her trash on the porch of her house since the Vancouver municipal workers strike began almost two months ago. It wasn’t a problem for me because I did not know about that until Tuesday when I went up there and noticed the flies and smell.

I used a C.A.N. vehicle on Thursday and went over to the North Shore Transfer Station

Both CBC Vancouver and CKNW decided that this was a major story Thursday, so it was a bit weird to be in the lineup that they were talking about during their broadcasts.

0734 06Sep07

At the Dollarton Hwy bridge. The turnoff to the North Vancouver Transfer Station is just past the trees, but traffic control makes me go down three stop lights, do a U turn and wait in line.

0832 06Sep07

An hour later, I am now on the road leading directly to the the NVTS.

0853 06Sep07

Someone else thinks it is important to get a picture of this lineup from a different angle

0903 06Sep07

0939 06Sep07

Two hours later, in the facility itself. They load trucks like this to take to the interior of BC and return with wood chips.

0943 06sep07

With the strike on, they have to fill any kind of truck with waste and coming back with an empty load. Not very cost effective there.

0944 06Sep07

Almost in the cave

0948 06Sep07

Finally dumped my garbage after more than 2 hours in line and almost 3 hours on the road. Notice the steam/smoke rising from the mound in the top right corner. The stench is overwhelming and because the effluent is everywhere. My shoes ended up stinking in the vehicle after I left. I cleaned it up.

P.S. I turned the vehicle off every time I was stopped in line.

P.P.S. My neighbour now has a bokashi bucket.

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