Flickr – New Orleans Phonebooks Pre- + Post-Katrina

By , 8 February 2007 09:26

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Update #1: Pic deleted. When I posted this, the view count was over 95,000 and it was added to Flickr yesterday!!

Take a look at this picture and see the real world effects of what happened in New Orleans:


From the photographer

1086 pages of GNO residential listings (= above the blue line) in the 2004 directory vs. 765 pages in the new one. Page thickness is the same as far as I can tell.

What’s also interesting is that the 2007 directory has a Lasik surgery banner ad (?!) on the top of every page, reducing the number of listings per page to 250 or so; there’s an average of about 300 listings per page in the 2004 directory. So the new edition is even smaller than it looks.

Another not-so-bad thing is that business listings have actually increased slightly – 335 pages in the new book vs. 329 in the old one. Most of the new business seem to be construction-related, which isn’t too much of a surprise.

Things get grim again, though, when it comes to listings for some of the communities outside of the GNOMA: tiny Buras, LA, for example, where Katrina made landfall, is down from seven pages of phone numbers to barely two.


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