dj Cheb i Sabbah / Diwali

By , 10 November 2007 23:56

I attended this on Thursday evening.

dj Cheb i Sabbah [wikipedia] is a world beat electronic dj [music via SeeqPod] and had a great time!! It was part of the City of Vancouver’s Celebrate Diwali event.*

It was co-hosted by Beats without Borders

…made up of 4 established world beat DJs, who spin the best dance music on the planet… from funked out afrobeat to sexy middle-eastern bellydance to bangin’ bhangra, we’ll rock the party, guaranteed.

Here are some pics:

dj cheb i sabbah2 - 8nov07.jpg

diwali red room - 08Nov09.jpg

dj cheb i sabbah1 - 8nov07.jpg

and a short video:

Website: Cheb i Sabbah

*As I recall, Diwali celebrations were focused in the Punjabi Market area of Vancouver and were getting a bit rowdy and uncontrolled with fireworks going off and large groups of [young] people congregating in the streets. So making it a city wide event diffused that energy which some people are unhappy about.

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