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By , 9 July 2012 07:30

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Thanks for visiting. If this is your first time here, you can find information about bokashi in the top sections or on my website. If you have a question about bokashi or composting in general, send me an email and I’ll blog my response.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Here’s a video about bokashi made in the summer of 2008:

Directed and edited by Rita Jasper.

I track tweets about bokashi and if I reply to one of your tweets, I do so as a public service. Instead of following me, subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog as most of what I write about bokashi will be here anyway.

Thanks to Carol Browne for the photo[s].

Blog hacked. Fixed. Regrets.

By , 28 November 2010 04:06

[Expletive deleted] managed to find a way to login.

Naming your spam enemy

By , 5 June 2008 10:26

Found this today in my moderated comments section:

I read similar article also named About, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

Yeah, right. Nice try “Daniel” of flowers mybestkeptbeautysecrets net

New pattern of comment spam

By , 12 September 2007 09:36

Pick a blog post, any blog post…

“I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Changing telco providers – how to get in touch with me., but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.”


Site stats link spam

By , 2 July 2007 19:30

Okay. I don’t even know what to call this.

I have found this is my Firestats logs a few times now:
2007-07-02 11:22:37 blog entry 7386
2007-07-02 13:27:10 blog entry [same as above] 707

Hey! My blog was mentioned in a forum post. But when I visit the site, I see a spam ad for [insert drug here] with no reference to my blog of course. How do they do that?

All other topics in all categories were spam too. Obviously they set up the forum for that purpose.

I cannot find the forum URL in other site stats programs I am using.

Another reason to curse Internet Explorer

By , 7 June 2007 23:41

This is the way my blog looks in Internet Explorer 6.0:


I get some kind of validation error:

Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because on line 623 it contained one or more bytes that I cannot interpret as utf-8 (in other words, the bytes found are not valid values in the specified Character Encoding). Please check both the content of the file and the character encoding indication. “The error was: utf8 “xBB” does not map to Unicode”

that I cannot figure out how to fix.

In trying to solve this, I have

1) Disabled all plugins
2) Removed all widgets
3) Written the theme author

That’s why there is a note that says “This blog looks great with Firefox.” in the top right column.

As it appears that many site visitors are using IE, I thought I would attempt to get it fixed.

Suggestions welcome and appreciated.


A bokashi blog in Malaysia

By , 22 May 2007 08:39

Melor binti Mohd Daud from Perak, Malaysia started a blog – Bokashi Farmer – on WordPress and links to this blog, Susan‘s article about me on her own blog and an article on Path to Freedom that I commented on a while back.

Thanks Melor. Here’s a link back you….

When you out spammers, do they stop?

By , 7 April 2007 22:32

Within hours of writing my Sourcing Splog post, the incoming links disappeared from both technorati and my WP Dashboard page. Nice.

Jessica, I noticed that the number comment spams I received went down a lot when I added Spam Karma as a plugin in addition to Askimet.

Here are the anti-spam/splog WordPress plugins I am using on this blog:

AntiLeech for my RSS feed.
HoneyPot for use with Project Honey Pot which requires a bit of setup.
Simple Trackback Validation – I changed the settings on this today to make it harder for sites to link here without being moderated first.
Spam Karma 2

This last one is not a WP plugin. You can see it in the “Extras” section of the left column.
Spam Poison

[Spam Poison] will redirect email harvesting bots to trap sites that will feed it with an almost infinite loop of dynamically generated fake email addresses, mostly on known spammer owned domains! This will render their harvested lists pratically useless and of no commercial value.

[Added 08Apr07 0527] Again, this is not a plugin: I use gmail to filter my own domain emails. is forwarded to then sent by gmail to a second mydomain email address. Gmail deletes all spam after thirty days so I have time to check for mistakes. Since I use more than one email address for this purpose, gmail is protecting me from receiving 500 – 700 spam emails a month.

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