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What's my line?

By , 3 September 2008 20:23

Today at the Riley Park Farmers Market I met two interesting people. I cannot replay entire conversations for you but they did give me permission to take their picture. So look at the picture and try to imagine what is special/different/unique about these people:








Auschwitz survivor







Railroad engineer [drives trains for CN!]


Bonus photo:

Jane Doe






Wearing nice sunglasses [that’s all]


Twitter for 2008-08-31

By , 31 August 2008 23:59
  • What a great way to start the morning: Miles Davis – So What – Live #
  • Canning tomatoes [making salsa] with my brother today. #

I had a great time participating with my brother and his wife doing this.

  • Coring, scoring, and blanching tomatoes #

Salsa - Paul skinning tomatoes

Salsa - skinning tomatoes

Salsa - Paul chopping jalepenos

Salsa - Callayna Peppers

Salsa - Callayna Cilantro

  • Waaaaay to many tomatoes ready for this recipe. Onions too. Soup? #
  • All ingredients ready to go. A break for lunch, then we begin. #
  • Uh-oh. Timing off. Have to be done by 3pm. Looking iffy. #

Salsa - Many pots, one cook, small stove

  • Everything on the boil. Apt. is like a steam bath. Bro’s schedule freed. No time pressure. #

Salsa - Al cooking it up

  • First batch done. Starting second run now. #

Salsa - Paul checking headspace


Salsa - Paul lidding the salsa

  • The smoke alarm was not a welcome interruption. #
  • Final bath. Having the not enough to go into the last jar taste test with corn chips. Good flavour & bite. Done. I’m outta here. #

Salsa - Fruits of our labour

Salsa - Taste test

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Before and After photos

By , 5 August 2008 10:10

Vancouver’s changing landscape:

The Vancouver Molson Indy winners circle in August 2004*


and in August 2008

VanIndy Winners Circle 2008


Olympic Village construction in November 2007

10 cranes Olympic Village - 11nov08

and in August 2008

11 cranes Olympic Village - 04Aug08


Guerrilla Gardening in September 2005

Car Barn Garden - 25Sep05

and in August 2008:

Car Barn Garden - 04Aug08


*photo by Andrastia [with permission]

Pink snow in Vancouver

By , 11 May 2008 18:50

Here’s the view in my neighbourhood this morning:

Pink snow in Vancouver

It is surreal and beautiful too.

Snow Petals

A tweet: Love watching the falling petals of cherry blossoms; snow that doesn’t melt. The wind blows them down the street like confetti. Slippery too.

Real snow on April 19 -  No one I know remembers it snowing so late in the year

snow in april - tfw

But snow at the end of March is normal – it did that last year too.

Snow in Vancouver on March 28

Snow and cherry blossoms

Snow & Cherry Blossoms

First post with Windows Live Writer – positive reviews on Lifehacker. I agree.

Outside Superstore / Home Depot

By , 7 April 2008 23:14

Look closely. I see a water channel between the mountain ranges on this air vent cover outside the new Superstore / Home Depot store at Cambie at 7th

Mountain Ranges Sound Waves 2

At this angle it looks like a VU meter gone crazy:

Mountain Ranges Sound Waves

The air vent is both beautiful and cold at same time. It was probably designed to make it impossible for skateboarders to use it while evoking elements of our natural landscape.

Wild and Crazy Hats

By , 6 April 2008 21:05

From work

A Wild & Crazy Guy

J. H. didn’t even know that what he put on that morning would be a throwback to the weird and wonderful 80’s

Bev the Hat Lady

Bev wears hats like these all year long. As the seasons change, so do the hats. Halloween and Xmas are the best!


By , 5 March 2008 10:47

More pictures for my Aunt who wondered if the crocuses are blooming, can the daffodils be far behind?

Daffodil1 5mar08

and Uncle It is still very much winter here and spring very far off.

Daffodil2 5mar08

Crocus – purple and yellow

By , 2 March 2008 21:33

For my Aunt who needs to see colours like these

Purple Crocus 02Mar08

and Uncle who says there is four feet of snow where they live.

Yellow Crocus 01Mar08

and anyone else east of Hope, BC

Snowline series

By , 20 January 2008 21:25

This is one of the reasons I and so many other people love Vancouver. When the rain stops and skies clear, the world looks like this:

Snow Line  - 16dec07

SnowLine  - 17dec07

SnowLine2 - 20dec07

Snowline 01Jan2

Snowline 13Jan08

Snowline 20jan08

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Eat these fish….

By , 12 August 2007 18:49

No explanation required:

ichthys parodies - 12Aug07

If you need one…Wikipedia: Parodies of the ichthys symbol

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