Bee Hive Hosting

By , 12 August 2007 23:33

Update: 14 August 2007 – Bees gone! See comments.

T. who I met through the Guerrilla Gardening Meetup Group asked me if I could host a bee hive in my garden. My house neighbours said okay in exchange for some honey.

They arrived tonight….

A Boy Bee


T[apprentice] & S[teacher]


There are bees in both boxes. The cardboard box contains a swarm with a virgin queen. S wants the bees outside to go inside and to stop the established bees from killing the new ones, she sprays the swarm with a mixture of sugar water and vanilla.


The old bees will lick the vanilla mixture off the new bees because they taste good and be accepted as friends.

In just over a day the swarm started building a honeycomb


Here they are at the entrance of their new home


Eventually they will get inside

Another view of the honeycomb they made


Daylight pics to be added in a few days….

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