Australia: How to get a $30 Water Rebate on a Bokashi Compost Bin

By , 28 January 2007 10:29

How to get a $30 Water Rebate on a Bokashi Compost Bin at James5

Having just moved into a new unit with my wife Clare, we have been spending a lot of time debating what sort of compost bin to get. It’s been very frustrating at the moment having nowhere to put all those kitchen scraps – it’s horrible them chucking them out. We didn’t really have the big money to buy one of those great tumblers or $250+ Aerobins (which look awesome), but had heard good things about the Bokashi composting system. And I worked out a way to get $20 off the usual price of about $99AUS.

For those who haven’t heard about them, they are a Japanese composting system that ferments the organic material before you put it in the garden. It is pretty compact so it just sits in the kitchen, is airtight so is odourless and you can put just about anything in there – even meat scraps! Every time you add food stuff you add a small layer of microbes to help eat it up. Once the bin is full you can drain off the liquid to use as liquid fertiliser and bury the rest in a hole and it will degrade in a few days. A really neat little system.


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