Other Uses/Benefits of Terra Biosa

By , 15 June 2013 17:07
Activated Terra Biosa

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Terra Biosa™ products have been used successfully to:

• Reduce odours from cat litter boxes

• Improve soil quality and the growth, yield and quality of crops

• Suppress odours associated with livestock production

• Enhance the growth and market weight of swine and poultry when used as a probiotic food additive

• Improve the quality and shelf-life of fruits and vegetables

• Improve the process technology for composting municipal waste (i.e.,garbage) and kitchen waste into high quality soil conditioner and biofertilizer.

• Enhance human and animal health through the use as a probiotic beverage

Activated Terra Biosa Uses

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• At home around the house, Terra Biosa™ can be used as household cleaner, for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry equipment and to assist in the control of molds, pet odours and waste.

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