Odour Control

By , 15 June 2011 18:43

If there is one thing that is always consistent with Terra Biosa™, it is its ability to control odors.  The application rate varies according to how bad the odor is and what is being treated.  As a rule of thumb, the starting application is a 100:1 of water to Terra Biosa™.  If necessary, stronger solutions can be applied.  Some examples of what odors can easily be eliminated include

· Compost
· Garbage/Green Bins
· Manure
· Urine
· Fish
· Food
· Fuels
· Chemicals
· Rot


Biosa™ provides clients with specifically targeted applications utilizing the power of microbial technology.  With that, we are able to dramatically reduce odors, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide at any point within the wastewater collection and treatment system.  With consistent and targeted applications of Terra Biosa™, it is possible to prevent the production of H2S in lift-stations and collection systems by the exclusion of the putrefactive pathogens and free radicals.
The areas of greatest odor complaint conditions include lift stations, areas of low flow, the head-works, anaerobic digesters and press plants.  Properly timed and targeted applications of Terra Biosa™ will remove odors within the system in these worse case scenarios.
Drops in H2S from 800ppm to 2ppm have been measured within minutes of applications. Terra Biosa™ is used for odor control in a variety of industries including wastewater, solid wastes, composting, industrial cleaning, hazmat cleanup, and more.

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