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Terra Biosa is an agricultural product – an organic fermented solution of herbs, natural sugars, and live microbes. All ingredients are compliant with the US GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) List and Terra Biosa is listed by the US Organic Material Research Institute (OMRI) as an organic soil amendment and crop enhancer.

Terra Biosa increases the microbial activity in the upper soil level so that any available organic matter is converted to plant soluble nutrients and enzymes. Not only does this process create nutrients that were previously unavailable to the vegetation- it also takes away the food source for any pathogen, thereby naturally keeping them at bay.

These essential minerals (nutrients) are not available to plants under a chemical fertilization regime because they are water-soluble and the above mentioned minerals will not dissolve in water without organic acids.

Microbes are playing similar roles in other cycles, such as nitrogen, sulphur, and phosphor. The Nitrogen compound in soil, present as ammonium, is originating from dead plans and animals etc. is not directly absorbable by plant roots. But because of the oxidation process, microbes are turning ammonium into Nitrate and Nitrite, thus Nitrogen becomes directly absorbable for root systems, in other words, the cycle is completed.

Due to the their relentless work, transforming organic soil-related substances e.g. roots, leaves, greens, manure, dead animals etc. into inorganic compounds e.g. Nitrogen compounds, Carbon dioxide, minerals, thus plant-available nutrition, the invisible and indispensable helper becomes the foundation for life on earth. As they are mineralising all soil-related organic substances, plants are not starving. Unlike animals and human beings, plants are unable to obtain and utilise complex organic compounds like celluloses or proteins.

Therefore, when applying Terra Biosa it becomes necessesary to significantly reduce or perhaps even eliminate the application of agro-chemicals.

Among the many benefits as soil amendment and crop enhancer are

  • – Promotes healthy microbial activities in soil
  • – Promotes the creation of macro and micro nutrients
  • – Enhances immunity and helps with withstand stress condistions
  • – Provides draught resistance by enhacning the water holding capacity in soil
  • – Less or no use of agro chemicals
  • – Reduces CO2 emission
  • – Convincing tool to reintroduce environmental harmony
  • – and many more

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