Composting with Bokashi

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Bokashi is made from Terra Biosa™ and bran or other material such as coffee or rice husks. When spread over kitchen scraps in a sealed bucket, the microbes it contains ferments the waste rather than decomposing them, hence the lack of any rotting smell. This is ideal for use in urban settings. When dug into the soil, emptied into a compost bin or large planter, the fermented food wastes break down faster than traditional composting and the material gives a slow release of nutrients and continues to inoculate the soil and surrounding plants.

Great Day Bokashi

If you have….

Tried worm farms without success
Had enough of foul odors
No room for a large compost bin

But you still want:

To Recycle ALL your foodwaste?
100% natural fertilizer EVERY MONTH?
100% natural liquid soil conditioner every week?

Then Great Day Bokashi is for YOU!

The Bokashi System

Using an organic fermentation process, the Great Day Bokashi Bucket recycles ALL your domestic kitchen waste into valuable soil conditioner.


The composting of kitchen organics is done in an air tight container using Bokashi as an inoculant or compost starter. Bokashi is a Japanese term that means fermented organic matter. It is a bran based material that has been fermented with Terra Biosa™ – an Friendly Microorganisms liquid concentrate – and dried for storage.

Bokashi is a pleasant smelling product which you add to your bucket and which aids in the fermentation of the organic matter. The food waste will not breakdown or decompose into “black gold” inside the bucket. Putting the fermented food waste into the ground, compost bin or large planter is required to complete the process. Always store Great Day Bokashi in a warm dry place out of direct sunlight. A kitchen cupboard is ideal.

How does it work ?

Place your kitchen waste in the bucket, sprinkle a small amount of the mixture over the waste slightly compress and reseal the container. The beneficial microbes immediately go to work to ferment the food scraps, releasing valuable nutrients and enzymes, without the problems of odour, heat or insects. The organic material does not breakdown, it pickles.

Use approximately one handful of Bokashi to every 3–4 cm of food.

Repeat this layering process until the bucket is full, then top up with a generous coat of Bokashi.

After fermenting for 10-14 days in the sealed bucket, the waste can then be added to an existing compost pile, or even better, buried directly in your garden. After 2 – 4 weeks, the waste will have broken down into rich, nutritious soil conditioner which you can plant on top of or spread around the rest of the garden.

Like the idea, but don’t have a place to put your bokashi when ready? Call or email me.

Until they see it, few believe it is so simple.

Item #1 – A week after adding Bokashi Bucket material to my regular compost bin, almost all the fruit flies flies have disappeared. No bad smell either!!

Item #2 – I spread some Bokashi Bucket material on a raised bed and covered it with some grass and straw. I also left a small area exposed to the outside. One expects wasps and flies to come and feed on mass quantities of organic matter. None came. Smell? Nothing offensive. There were a lot of onions and oranges, so it smelled like onions and oranges.

Great Day Bokashi also makes a great odor reducer for cat litter boxes!!

*Great Day Bokashi Kits* include:

Two 15L nesting buckets & 1 lid*
1kg/1 Gal.  Bokashi or 500ml liquid spray+
(enough to last a minimum of 2 months)

Price: 1 kit $60.00 + HST

*for continuous collection, two kits are recommended: $110 + HST

Get a second kit at a later date: $50 + HST

+works the same way as the Bokashi.

Re-order more Bokashi powder/liquid from me when you need more!

Price: $20.00 + HST

Buy 5 refills of boakshi and your 6th one is FREE!

At the present time, these items cannot be shipped outside of Canada.

However, customers in the U.S.A. can use the diluted liquid and/or learn to make your own Bokashi with Terra Biosa™ available from our U.S. office.

As much as possible, I provide plastic buckets that are previously owned from a foodsafe purpose which helps the environment even more. If you know of place that has buckets that they would be throwing away, I will pick them up.

Great Day Bokashi Composting can be adapted for use in larger facilities including:

Grey Barrel

  • remote resorts and work camps
  • school, hospital cafeterias
  • apartment buildings & co-ops
  • public events

and more

[Barrel/container provided may not be exactly as shown]

Contact me for further information.

Al Pasternak, 604.873.4334

Bokashi Composting by Great Day Solutions

General information about bokashi composting.

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