Twitter for 2008-08-28

By , 28 August 2008 23:59
  • Election fever rising: Co. I work at will be open on Labour Day. They do contracts for a major Canadian political party. I’m off that day. #
  • @moneycoach A broad brush stroke: Canadians talk about [the gov’t] looking after each other. Amercians talk about looking after themselves #
  • @moneycoach Uh-huh: family [the individual] first, government second. That’s why socialism [Dems? 🙂 ] is so scary for some Americans #
  • M$: Stop asking me to update to WinXP Service Pack 3. #
  • Waiting for email and link from Shiraz to test the new CE #
  • Today’s 6.1 earthquake in BC – See the shaking Sumatra 2004 #
  • One of the the 15 words for rain in Vancouver: Misting – many small raindrops which feel like a sea-spray. Got any of your own? #
  • @keiramc How about a West Coast name? In the winter, the heavy rains could be called Pineapple or Firehose #
  • Bookmarked: Köpstopp: Tema sopor – bokashi [Sweden] #

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