Twitter for 2008-08-12

By , 12 August 2008 23:59
  • I have companions for my night excursion to Abbotsford. Leaving in a few minutes for people pickup. All good. #
  • back #
  • The sky was clear except for a haze that washed out the blue black background to the Milky Way. Stars glowed but did not shine as bright #
  • Within minutes of arriving meteors were seen. After getting settled our watching began. Another group sat nearby. Distracted us with a green #
  • laser pointer. Only a problem when pointed at trees. We watched the skies for about 90 minutes, saw many. Most were small, some were very #
  • bright. Those elicited “ooohs and ahhhhs” from everyone. A glowing tail was a real viewing prize. Some people saw meteors that others #
  • missed. I kept pointing out that the frequency of meteors would not happen under normal circumstances. We were watching something special. #
  • And worth every minute. #

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