Twitter for 2008-07-29

By , 29 July 2008 23:59
  • Putting bokashi bran in your compost bin will not get rid of the fruit flies in your compost bin. Fruit flies are good for your compost bin. #
  • Bokashi bran will stop fruit flies from living on your food waste because the pickling fermentation is an environment they can’t live in. #
  • This is probably rough note/draft of an FAQ or blog post about that. Tomorrow I will try to help a customer fix a problem with fruit flies. #
  • And in the evening, I plan to attend the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup #
  • @hummingbird604 I have more time later in the week. I may not to bring my bokashi bucket with me tonight #
  • My 1,000th image posted on Flickr #
  • @hummingbird604 *want to bring….* Grrr #
  • @moritherapy re: 1000th pic. Thanks #
  • One of my clients won Greenest person in Canada contest. Story: Her video: #
  • Off to help a client with a fruit fly problem. The rain will make them – the fruit flies – easier to deal with. #
  • Work done. Advice provided. Client happy. #
  • On my way home, I visited one of my old haunts during the early 90’s: Benny’s Bagels #
  • Was invited to participate, provide advice about composting & market bokashi at the North Shore Natural Garden Tour #
  • @dbarefoot I don’t want media to follow me. I don’t expect the Vancouver weather forecast [now 404] to follow me either. #

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