To my 50 or so RSS subscribers: Who are you?

By , 5 August 2008 09:35

I really want to know.

At least half a dozen are places like Urban Vancouver where my feed gets distributed including my own subscriptions to Feedburner and FeedBlitz to make sure everything is working. That means 48 subscribers are real people.

From conversations in real life and online, I know that at least two regular readers include Rebecca and Kiera and my own records keep track of who is linking to me

But who else is reading my feed, seeing my Twitter musings, watching my Flickr photos and delicious bookmarks, checking on my business activities – friends, acquaintances, competitors? It would be nice to know.

Many pundits say that a blog is a conversation and sometimes I’m not very conversational. I don’t like re-inventing the wheel either, so despite the interest I have for composting and urban sustainability, I don’t blog news about this unless I feel it affects me or my community directly. I commend people who do blog about their passion and expertise.

Here’s the deal: if I’m on your blogroll, I’ll add you to mine. How to let me know? Leave a comment to this post. Simple. If you want to be private about it, that’s okay. Send me an email

And there’s more! For every person who comments on this post between now and August 10, 2008 I will donate $1.00 to City Farmer – Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture. Need a topic to comment on? Wish me a Happy Birthday!:-) Letting me know how long you have been reading my blog and why you like it would be good and don’t forget to include a link.

Have a great day! I know I will.



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