The Voicemail said: "Congratulations, you've won….

By , 24 January 2007 14:19

“….an all expenses paid Carribean cruise. To collect your prize, press 9 now. That’s the 9 key.”

So I connected to a man named Colin who answered “Travel Reward Center”.

Me: “Hello Colin. How do I go about getting my name off your phone list?”

Colin: “Can you touch your nose?” Call ends.

I also received a call from MBNA Canada Bank who was offering me “upon approval” a Platinum Mastercard. I kept him on long enough to get the full name of his bank and found this from 2001 by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:

I find that MBNA is in contravention of Principle 4.3.2 of Schedule 1 to the Act. It follows that these materials and means do not suffice as a basis for consent. It also follows that, in using the application form and the agreement in question, MBNA is in effect requiring individuals to consent, as a condition of the supply of a product or service, to the collection, use, and disclosure of information beyond that required to fulfil explicitly specified purposes. Nor would a reasonable person consider the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information for the secondary purposes as contemplated in these materials to be appropriate in any circumstances without the knowledge and consent of the individual. I find therefore that MBNA is also in contravention of Principle 4.3 and 4.3.3 of Schedule 1 and section 5(3) of the Act.

It looks like MBNA [no I do not want to give them clickable link] may have changed its practices in terms of disclosure:

I may ask to be suppressed from offers under (f) and (g) at any time after my account has been opened by calling MBNA Canada at 1-866-845-0980. I will receive no offers under (f) and (g) for the first 30 days after the opening of my account to provide me the opportunity to make my privacy choice known to you. I understand that if I withdraw consent at any time to the evaluation of my credit application, to the monitoring of my credit status or my ongoing eligibility for credit, MBNA may no longer be able to maintain my credit account. MBNA will process my request within five (5) business days but I understand that it may take 90 days for full effect as marketing campaigns may already be in process.

but in the end, this is a marketing company pretending to be a “bank”.

This was the second time I requested that my name be taken off their list. Let’s see if they pay attention this time.

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