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By , 6 April 2007 19:07

Incoming links boost my Technorati ranking but I prefer them from people I know or have communicated with directly. It took me a few days to figure this one out, but when I did I decided to share it.

A technorati search of bokashiman shows that these splogs

have a link to some of my content.

Mark Brewer attacking ZR cameras, but since the free bandwidth exists, and the YouTube community now represents a viewing market unto itself, … YouTube & Google merger on track My YouTube adventures the other day gave me the kind of belly laugh that I have not had for a long time.

When I went to the website listed, I could not find the content anywhere until I looked in the RSS feeds:

It is in all of them.

The RSS feed contains any mention of YouTube, so they are using a keyword splicer that puts that content into their feed.

[Correction: The content comes from this splog: and it is already Trackbacked on my blog.]

At the bottom of every splog: “Quadruple your income with Blogs”

What their product offers is splog creation:

BlogSolution creates thousands of blogs on each of your domains.
Blogs are created based on YOUR keywords. Named – titled – subtitled.
Your blogs are created on a custom blogging platform.
All blog interlinking is done for you – spiders move freely between your blogs.
We give full video tutorials guiding you through your projects.
NO outside software is needed.
Your blogs are fully customizable. Unlimited potential here.
You can post links to one, some, or all of your blogs.
Post as many links as you want, whenever and to wherever you want.
The Smartjobs system. Blog creation even when you’re not around!
Automatic updates and pings.
Randomization. Everything in BlogSolution can be randomized – posts, pings everything.
Everything is managed from one simple interface.
24/7 support. We’re always here for your questions.
Built in help articles that will guide you through the process.
Completely plug and play. Effective for both beginner and expert.
Flexibility. This system bends to what YOU want.
An advanced cloaking system.

Matt Cutts of Google has something to say about search engine cloaking


Adsense income.
Affiliate income.
Tens of thousands of indexed blogs.
Search engine spiders like you have NEVER seen (it’s our secret ingredient).
Tens of thousands of one way back links to and sites you want.
Your new sites indexed FAST.
A system that flies under search engine radar, but profits from them.
Time to make more money. Or play.

No thanks!

Whois Record

registrant’s handle: nta5754 (CORPORATE)
created: 2007.02.22
last modified: 2007.02.27

Zabawa 118
32-020 Wieliczka
+48.801 800 700
+48.12 4244010

company: Osemka Internet Media
street: ul. Lubelska 43A
city: 10-410 Olsztyn
location: pl
handle: nta5754
last modified: 2005.09.20

Anyone know a Word Press plugin I can use to stop it from happening again?

Please note: Everyone has a right to make a living and I hold no ill will towards any of the companies, persons or blogs mentioned in the posting above. I ask that you remove my content from your feed [the link to this blog] and refrain from doing so in the future. The content on this site is protected by a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported Creative Commons license. Yes, you did give Attribution, but the purpose for running your blog is commercial and in violation of those terms. All you had to do was ask me. I might have said “Yes”. To late now….

Spam in Blogs and Social Media
“As social media systems such as blogs, wikis and bookmark sharing sites have emerged, spammers have quickly developed techniques to infect them as well. The very characteristics underlying the Web, be it version 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0, also enable new varieties of spam.”

– includes .pdf file of the presentation.

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