Notes for 2008-05-26

By , 26 May 2008 23:59
  • Moved compost from work to home and picked up compost bins from back lanes that I saw a few days before. Will probably go to a new client. #
  • Decluttered Twitter. If they really want to follow me they can figure out how to send me an email and I might unblock them. Maybe. #
  • Watching NASA deservedly crowing about successful Phoenix mission landing on Mars #
  • @moneycoach Canada has a role in the Mars mission: the weather station & we will also operate it #
  • @moneycoach Thanks for @MarsPhoenix. JPL is doing this, so the updates will be in real time. Nice. On FB too #
  • Speaking of space, here’s a unique way to search for Flickr photos Keeping zooming in!! G’night #
  • Tag pics taken at any Vancouver Farmers Market & YLFMS #
  • Radio stations tell me the weather forecast every 10 minutes, but I need to see it to really know it: #
  • @MarsPhoenix Give yourself some credit. Some will miss the NASA show, so direct us to the source Which one? #
  • Walking to work for a 1pm start #

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