Notes for 2008-05-19

By , 19 May 2008 23:59
  • Remember using MS-DOS? "the biggest free abandonware downloads collection in the universe" Nostalgic and nvr again #
  • The weirdest links on show up most often during the weekend. #
  • FB members: become a Fan of the Vancouver Farmers Markets #
  • Listened to CBC’s Sounds Like Canada while measuring out bokashi into 1Kg bags. 3 interviews about gardens. Moss in a thimble. #
  • V Sun has a good article "B.C. struggles to make sense of the food crisis" featuring @kieramac. You grow girl!:-) #
  • @greggscott Hmmm. Probably private contractors operate garbage trucks on stat holidays. CoV moves pickup to a day later than last week. #
  • @greggscott @alqaeda tickles my funny bone. @hamas is a bit more serious but what can you expect: They are on a mission from You Know Who #
  • What’s up with Twitter? I replied to a Tweet that showed up at earlier time than the Tweet I was responding to. #
  • Tested setup of my tent today. It was easy once I d/l the directions from online. They were not included in the package I received. #

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