Notes for 2008-04-29

By , 29 April 2008 23:59
  • What’s a tweetup? #
  • @awsamuel I voted for changeeverything but the system is taking a long time to cast my vote. CE has more comments than FB #
  • Hey! Change Everything is now in second place behind Facebook. That’s way cool [my vote is counted] #
  • Vote for at under Websites / Social Networking #
  • my profile pic was taken by @carolbrowne #
  • I wonder how many of my Twtr followers could have seen Patti Smith perform in 1975. I did… #
  • I am working with bokashi bran again. @moritherapy: send me a real email to arrange meet, not a tweet.:-) #
  • @pacificIT If you have to black out words in your tweets, why write them at all?:-) #
  • Bookmarked: YouTube – Urban Compsting NYC #
  • Another person interested in bokashi composting as a result of me being on Twitter – that’s 3 so far. Better response than Facebook. #
  • Thanks to you all.:-) #

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