Notes for 2008-04-22

By , 22 April 2008 23:59
  • @moritherapy I’m not handling any bran this week. I hope that doesn’t dampen your commitment. I’ll be ready 4u on Tuesday 29Apr08. OK? #
  • What I learned on the weekend. We are slaves to our oil lifestyle. We know we are slaves but it is so much easier to safe with what we know #
  • …than to go out in a new direction [to the desert] and live with less. The plagues are coming: Hunger, drought, disease. Will we listen… #
  • …to the warning and do something about it? I don’t know if people-kind has it in ourselves to make the changes required. #
  • My friend is doing a lot better. #
  • Listening to: Elvis Presley – [The Sun Sessions #09] Mystery Train #
  • Bookmarked: Adult Diaper Disposal: Environmental Awareness #
  • Bookmarked: Reuters: Top 10 music acts going green with compost and biodiesel #
  • Last Winter Farmers Market this Saturday 26apr08 10-2 Also on FB #

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