Notes for 2008-04-16

By , 16 April 2008 23:59
  • Bookmarked: Bokashi – The Fermentation of Organic Wastes #
  • YouTube – Permaculture Worm Tower – Great concept, simple idea. Use HDPE pipe not PVC [leaks toxins] #
  • @jaydedman re:DNC list – Charities and political parties are exempt especially when ppl have donated before. Reaction to that: Priceless.:-) #
  • Bookmarked: YouTube – Permaculture Worm Tower #
  • Advice request: I want to add a category RSS feed to my WP blog so people can subscribe to posts only about composting. Howto? Plugin? Thx #
  • Thanks to @sillygwailo for WordPress info. WP comes with category feeds built in. #

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