Notes for 2008-04-08

By , 8 April 2008 23:59
  • @arifmamdani – about that dormant compost pile…. Revive a Nonperforming Compost Pile – Hope that helps. #
  • Mixed up 40Kg of bokashi today #
  • @marianiles Yes, thanks. It was x-pstd at w/many comments/links including this one.:-) #
  • @marianiles I use Tchnrti & G’gle to watch the web for news & posts about bokashi and composting. Sometimes I comment or save 2 #
  • 5 more minutes then I’m snoozin’ #
  • Getting bokashi out of a bucket and into the dryer two days later than usual. #
  • @moneycoach The food we need can be available when we shift our focus Good reasons 4 optimism #
  • @marianiles Sometimes I miss items, so keep letting me know.:-) #
  • @marianiles Yes 🙂 Missed Heather when she was in Vancouver last summer. It would have been fun to meet her. #
  • *last fall – Anything that isn’t during winter is summer #
  • 1,000 mile journey of the day started. Better progress so far than yesterday. #

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