Notes for 2008-04-06

By , 6 April 2008 23:59
  • Listening to: Blondie – Heart Of Glass. #
  • I don’t understand why Windows’ Extraction "wizard" sometimes takes an hour to unzip a 1 MB file when other times it does it in 30 seconds. #
  • Starting to enjoy blogging again. Posting a Tweet daily digest and creating new content. Watching page stats but not obsessive about it. #
  • Twitter spammer alexvorn6 blocked by me. He’s looking for link love all over the ‘net Not worth the risk.:-) #
  • Off for a bike ride and some customer service. A bucket got put in the blue bin. Replacing it today, gratis. I like being able to do that. #
  • At: The True Price of SMS Messages – $0 but the carriers don’t want you to know that. BFN #

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