Notes for 2008-04-04

By , 4 April 2008 23:59
  • @DetroitWriter Smart Posties provide dog treats to problem ‘children’. Try it for a few weeks and watch the reaction shift from Nay to Yay! #
  • @moneycoach Bell curves? Making ringing bells? #
  • At: Why Some People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Use Twitter – Ha ha! #
  • Bookmarked: Radical Urban Sustainability Training [R.U.S.T.] #
  • Bookmarked: Cheap and Easy Worm Bin! #
  • Thanks to @carolbrowne for the new pic[s] #
  • @moneycoach – Thanks for the support.:-) #
  • Headline: "Pensioner guilty of compost drug deals" Dealing H to supplement his OAP What would a compost drug do? #
  • Compostin: Causes euphoric joy when food wastes are added to compost bin. Any other ideas? #
  • @moneycoach Lt. Anastasia Dualla’s alter ego is a client of mine.:-) #
  • @moneycoach Her PA/VA got her started. She bought kits for self & friends & is trying to get her family in SA using bokashi too. #
  • Off to work and delivering two bokashi buckets – both clients from the long tail. One from a meeting last summer outside the Kits Farmer Mkt #

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