It could have been a lot worse #2

By , 17 September 2008 06:31

I did not like the way the situation looked.

A scruffy man was talking to a young oriental woman on the road side of a car while I was cycling by.  I turned around, rode up to them and asked "Do you know each other?" The woman clearly said "No." To be sure, I asked again.

The guy was upset – as if I had insulted him – and told me to mind my own business. So I said  "You are standing on the street, talking to a woman in front of the door of a car. It looks like she is trying to get into her car and you are stopping her from doing that." He then started to tell me his story and the woman gave him a dollar. It turns out she had just arrived and was getting ready to shop. She did say "Thanks" to me a few times and wanted to stick around to see how things ended, but I encouraged her to leave.

The fellow continued to act as if I had insulted him and threatened that he would call the police on me! I rode away.

Notice to panhandlers: The road is not your space. Let us choose whether or not to help you when you are on the sidewalk. As much as I don’t like restricting your right to make a living, when you approach us out of our comfort zone, it is threatening no matter how benign and honest your intentions are.

That’s why I stopped and turned around.


It could have been a lot worse [#1]


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