Firefox update issues – unable to view Flickr images

By , 28 November 2007 09:55

I’m using a PC, WinXP SP2 and never had a problem before today.

Flickr images do not show up anywhere on the ‘net, on my my blog or in Google Reader unless I’m using the IE Tab extension. The link is there on my blog, but the image can only be seen on the the Flickr site.

Elise received a Bokashi Bucket from a fan who ordered them for many of her friends.

Elise – 24oct07

Melanie worked at the one of the Farmer Market vendors

Melanie – 24oct07

I’ve already asked at Mozilla Forums [waiting for reply] but I thought I ask here too.

Any ideas/solutions welcome.



Update: Someone responded with this link
which led me to this one
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