Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

By , 15 October 2007 23:35

Check out this video….

Kate Dugas asked this question on Facebook:

will someone please help me understand what this actually means? (the parts of the policy that they seem to want to make sound so scary in this video.)

Mitchell Rhodes responded:

Let’s call anything that gets into Facebook, face-fodder. If the video captured the legalese of Facebook correctly, then it seems that we give away our rights to all face-fodder. Facebook can use all face-fodder for any purpose it wishes, including selling or giving it away. If Facebook decided to sell all the images (pictures and video) of Kate that were ever uploaded to Facebook to XXX, they could do so. Not only does Kate get no royalties, she doesn’t even have a say of yes or no of being used in the advertisement and promotion of selling product XXX. Microsoft is considering investing $500 million into Facebook and a recent New York Times article suggested that Facebook might be valued at $15 billion. It’s been long suspected that the CIA created Facebook. If we weren’t willing to give face-fodder away for free (fun), think about how much it would cost spooks and advertisers to separately collect it. Spying techniques with a revenue stream. It’s a bargain at $15 billion!

Scary stuff indeed.

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