Could simple apple pieces be probiotic carriers?

By , 21 January 2007 15:20

Could simple apple pieces be probiotic carriers?

By Stephen Daniells
1/18/2007- Simple apple pieces may be a simple and inexpensive method of supporting probiotics, as well as expanding the range of applications, suggests new research from Greece.

“Apple pieces are promising carriers for probiotic bacteria and may be used in the production of probiotic fermented milk and/or other food products, as well as in the prolongation of their shelf-life,” wrote lead author Yiannis Kourkoutas from the University of Patras.

“Freeze-dried apple-supported L. casei biocatalyst could be added to various solid foods (breakfast cereals, used in baking, etc.) to provide probiotic properties.” Most foods containing probiotic bacteria are found in the refrigerated section of supermarkets as the bacteria is destroyed by heat and other processing conditions.


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