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The web gets the music [to] me – fast.

By , 14 December 2007 16:52

On Facebook, Kate Dugas posted a video link from StopBigMedia

Homogenization: Good for Milk, bad for media.

Interesting and disturbing at the same time for the U.S. – sadly, nothing new for Vancouver – but I wanted to know about the music playing in the video, that I really liked.

I googled “oh lord there is no heaven techno

which led to this site: The song is “no heaven” from DJ Champion.

Over to Wikipedia for verification [hey, he’s from Montreal!!],
then finding the album he released in 2004 and the song title.

A visit Seeqpod for the musicwhich also links to the video:


Aside: If you have more than one option to share/embed a video, do you look at the profile of the YouTube member posting it to see what else they have saved? I do. I may like their taste in music but not their sense of humour.

Related news:

In Canada, media concentration and copyright protection work together to compromise

Net Neutrality Canada -

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Keep Transit Public Rally

By , 21 November 2007 23:53

Background and commentary here, here and here [Source]

Keep Transit Public #1 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #2 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #3 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #4 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #7 - 21nov07

The video:

I love this creative blast from the past, but I think Richard Nixon might be starting to lose his relevance….

Keep Transit Public #5 - 21nov07

The sign makers told me this was not a real quote, but when you watch the video, Kevin Falcon says that the Gateway Project will not raise greenhouse gas emissions. Go figure.

Keep Transit Public #6 - 21nov07

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What's the worst that could happen?

By , 7 November 2007 09:58

With that question, wonderingmind42 -“a high school science teacher in the process of burning out” begins a 10 minute lecture on climate change / global warming and the consequences of doing nothing. Rightly so, he titles his video “Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See [and the most important]”

Stop Press!

DON’T WATCH THIS VIDEO [the link above]. I’m serious. This message isn’t a hack (I’m the guy in the video), and it’s not a ploy to get you to actually watch it (reverse psychology).

It’s just that there’s a hole in this argument big enough to drive a Hummer through because of an assumption I didn’t realize I had (isn’t that just the way with assumptions. . .), and the argument has been UPDATED to address that hole.

So instead of watching this old, tired, hole-y video, go watch the NEW, IMPROVED version

The cost of doing nothing is a lot more expensive and disastrous. Click, watch and share with everyone.

Then do something – change public policy – to avoid the negative [far worse] scenarios.

Click through to YouTube to see all the supporting material.

Link to Bokashi videos on YouTube

By , 30 August 2007 06:49

Bokashi videos on YouTube

None of them by me, yet.

Also a list of suppliers of the friendly microbe liquid aka. EM to make your own bokashi.

3 minutes of Honey Bees [on YouTube]

By , 23 April 2007 22:52

I recorded this on the weekend.

The “Video Fireplace” of nature.

This is a hive at the Strathcona Community Gardens in Vancouver, BC.

Look closely and you will see pollen on the legs of the bees as they walk from their landing area into the hive.

Aside from the wind, the sounds in the background are an industrial area [see map link above] across the street from the gardens. I’ve been here in the summer where four hives are active and I still can’t hear the bees buzzing because of that noise unless I get really close.

This clip was filmed using a Samsung Digimax D53 camera and the 3x optical zoom. I am sitting about 3 feet away from the hive. Windows Moviemaker used to add the Titles and brighten the image 1x.

Comments and feedback welcome.

Problems uploading to YouTube

By , 22 April 2007 07:46

Since yesterday afternoon, I am getting an error message that says I need to complete all fields even though the Tags *are* filled in. I keep getting the same error message when I retry, even after I’ve cleared my cache and restarted my computer.

Anyone else have this issue and know of a solution? YouTube support has been contacted.
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Fastest/best pedestrian controlled intersection in Vancouver, BC

By , 19 April 2007 10:27

I bicycle around Vancouver a lot and this is the fastest traffic light change I know of. Know of another in Vancouver? Post a video response at YouTube. Enjoy!

Bonus points if you can tell me where it is.

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Two Videos

By , 18 March 2007 22:54

about our day and age:

The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

It is hard to believe that a little video I created in my basement in St. George Kansas could be seen by over 1.7 million people, be translated into (at least) 5 languages, and be shown to large audiences at major conferences on 6 continents within just one month of its creation. In some ways, the journey of the video speaks volumes that the content of the video could only hint at. I know I could not have done this with the technology available 3 years ago – certainly not 13 years ago – so the world really is different and I’m just happy to be part of the mass of people trying to rethink how we can best live in this quickly changing environment.Digital Ethnography

Speaking of a “quickly changing environment”….

Did You Know? aka Shift Happens

Source info on Karl Fisch‘s blog.

YouTube & Google merger on track

By , 17 March 2007 22:40

My YouTube adventures the other day gave me the kind of belly laugh that I have not had for a long time.

In Len Davis‘ favourites is this parody/remix of Cecile B DeMille’s famous movie: 10 Things I Hate About Commandments which led me to watch this remix of Glengarry Glen Ross [profanity, NSFW].

This ‘preview’ mentions another film “Must Love Jaws” which I could not find on that page. So I searched for it. This was the result:



When I did the same search on Google, no alternative was offered unless I put it “quotes”.

Laughter is good therapy

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

By , 3 February 2007 22:36

I did not see the Title of this video before I wrote most of the comments below.

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

Meta-analysis of “Web 2.0” from an anthropologist. Ideas presented visually track development of this new culture/Enlightenment/Renaissance.

As always, old systems become reactionary and work/fight to to maintain the status quo. If we as people on this planet can survive – physically, culturally and spiritually – then we, all humanity, could emerge with a common language.

Hmmmm….the machine, the Web, the social network – in the disguise of individual creativity – creates uniformity.

Interesting. Watch Voluntary Simplicity and Amish-like cults arise that reject this modernism. And rebels/terrorists/freedom fighters who try to destroy it all.

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