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Great Day Bokashi available at Homesteader’s Emporium

By , 19 July 2012 08:33

Newly opened [July 13, 2012] Homesteader’s Emporium

will carry everything you need to get started on a variety of home self-sufficiency projects, like growing and preserving your own food, making cheese, keeping chickens, or making soap!

And bokashi too! Here is owner Rick Havlak with our bokashi buckets and bokashi.

Great Day Bokashi available at Homesteader's Emporium

Hours of operation:

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Monday: Closed


…a few blocks east of Main St. in the heart of Strathcona between Princess and Heatley.

649 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1R2

Kat uses my bokashi in her own bokashi bucket.

By , 10 July 2012 15:12

Kat writes:

I read this post on Organic Gardening and was motivated to make my own bokashi bucket. It makes me pretty upset to be throwing the compostables in the garbage just because I live in an apartment building. I totally understand why there is no apartment composting yet – apartment dwellers use the anonymity to throw whatever they want in whatever recycling or garbage bin is the closest. I can’t imagine the nightmare of an apartment-sized compost bin.

Boyfriend went to the hardware store and got two lovely 5-gallon buckets and drilled the required holes in one. I got my bokashi bran from The Bokashi Man [my old blog/website – Al]. It’s that easy! When the bucket is full I will let it sit for a week then dump it in my sister’s compost.

There are many ways for people who live in apartments to compost in the city.  Compost Here is a way to connect people who want to compost with people who have compost bins.  Spread the word!

Copley Community Orchard – Bokashi Field Trial

By , 21 May 2012 21:22

The Environmental Youth Alliance has partnered with the City of Vancouver to work with community members to create Copley Community Orchard on the former grounds of Richard and Marie Copley’s orchard. This land was vacant for decades, and now, in keeping with the site’s history, the focus of the project is perennial fruit agriculture and celebration.

The site is shared between the EYA’s youth programming and Copley Community Orchard. Community Studio has assisted us in designing our exciting plans which include an apple orchard, cherry trees, espaliered apple and pear trees, rare or unique fruit trees, berry bushes and fruiting shrubs. We also have planned an accessible bed area which will be open to all members of the community.

I received permission to add some bokashi to the cherry trees as a fertilizer. Here’s what I did.

Bokashi will be added to the cherry trees on the right [north] side of the path.


Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 1


The trees were planted during the first work party on April 28 -29, 2012.

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 1-1


Holes are made on the uphill side of the roots, about 4 – 5in / 10-12cm deep

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 1-2


Bokashi is added to the holes and covered

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 1-3


Tree No. 1 with opposite for control and reference

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 1-5


Tree No. 2

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 2-1


Tree No. 3

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 3-1


Tree No. 4

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 4-1


Tree No. 5

Copley Commons - Bokashi trial 5-1


I will take pictures again on the Canada Day Weekend July 1, 2012

Walking my dog and beautifying the 'hood

By , 1 February 2010 13:38

Over the past four months since we started fostering Chloe, I’ve been noticing the damage to lawns caused by crows and other critters going after the grubs of the European Chafer Beetle when I take her out for a walk.

A video from City Farmer explains the problem:

Last week I decided to do something about it. I created a flyer that I am distributing only to houses that have lawn damage clearly attributable to the Chafer Beetle. It isn’t hard to figure out.

Flyer: [Click for full version]

Easy Care Lawn from West Coast Seeds

We don’t need more lawns. Ideally, as the City Farmer says above, we need more vegetable gardens in our front yards like this one,

Front Yard Veggie Garden

but if you are going have a lawn, use a grass seed that doesn’t require much mowing or watering. The product above meets that criteria.

So far, I’ve walked between Cambie and Main from 16th to 19th and plan to go all the way up to 24th. Then I’ll do the same route between Cambie and Oak. It takes me about an hour at a leisurely pace and Chloe loves it too.


100 flyers: $5.55

Exercise and improving the world: Priceless


2009/10 Winter Farmers Market Schedule

By , 27 November 2009 09:38

Many people during the summer asked if I would be at Winter Farmers Market at the Wise Hall, so I decided to apply.



December 5 – 10am – 2pm

December 12 – Holiday Market 10am – 6pm

Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive


January 16

March 27


I am, of course, available at other times to meet with new and repeat customers.


There is also a coupon on p. 209 of the 2010


book [and p. 201 of the 2009 edition]



2009 Farmers Market Schedule

By , 26 June 2009 08:30

If you are a returning customer, send me an email or give me a call to let me know the day you plan to come. That way I will bring extra bokashi for you.

New this year: All customers will get a bokashi card. After your 5th refill, you get a free bag of bokashi!!

June 28 – Kitsilano [Map]
July 1 – Main Street Station [Map]
July 8 – Main Street
June 15 – Main Street
July 22 – Main Street
July 26 – Kitsilano
July 29 – Kitsilano
Aug 2 – Gastown [Map] – New!
Aug 9 – Kitsilano
Aug 16 – Gastown
Aug 23 – Kitsilano
Aug 16 – Gastown
Sept 6 – Kitsilano
Sept 27 – Salmon Celebration*
Oct 18 – Kitsilano
Oct 25 – Kitsilano

*in Vanier Park [Corrected 25Sep09 – Not a Farmers Market event. Regrets for the inconvenience this may have caused]

I have also applied to am attending the Gastown Farmers Market which will operate on Sundays between August and September. When I know my dates, I’ll add them here and in the sidebar.

It could have been a lot worse #2

By , 17 September 2008 06:31

I did not like the way the situation looked.

A scruffy man was talking to a young oriental woman on the road side of a car while I was cycling by.  I turned around, rode up to them and asked "Do you know each other?" The woman clearly said "No." To be sure, I asked again.

The guy was upset – as if I had insulted him – and told me to mind my own business. So I said  "You are standing on the street, talking to a woman in front of the door of a car. It looks like she is trying to get into her car and you are stopping her from doing that." He then started to tell me his story and the woman gave him a dollar. It turns out she had just arrived and was getting ready to shop. She did say "Thanks" to me a few times and wanted to stick around to see how things ended, but I encouraged her to leave.

The fellow continued to act as if I had insulted him and threatened that he would call the police on me! I rode away.

Notice to panhandlers: The road is not your space. Let us choose whether or not to help you when you are on the sidewalk. As much as I don’t like restricting your right to make a living, when you approach us out of our comfort zone, it is threatening no matter how benign and honest your intentions are.

That’s why I stopped and turned around.


It could have been a lot worse [#1]


What's my line?

By , 3 September 2008 20:23

Today at the Riley Park Farmers Market I met two interesting people. I cannot replay entire conversations for you but they did give me permission to take their picture. So look at the picture and try to imagine what is special/different/unique about these people:








Auschwitz survivor







Railroad engineer [drives trains for CN!]


Bonus photo:

Jane Doe






Wearing nice sunglasses [that’s all]


Before and After photos

By , 5 August 2008 10:10

Vancouver’s changing landscape:

The Vancouver Molson Indy winners circle in August 2004*


and in August 2008

VanIndy Winners Circle 2008


Olympic Village construction in November 2007

10 cranes Olympic Village - 11nov08

and in August 2008

11 cranes Olympic Village - 04Aug08


Guerrilla Gardening in September 2005

Car Barn Garden - 25Sep05

and in August 2008:

Car Barn Garden - 04Aug08


*photo by Andrastia [with permission]

That has never happened to me before

By , 11 July 2008 02:58

InPrint Graphics

InPrint 10Jul08

is at 1935 West Broadway across the street from the big box FedEx Kinko’s*.

I have used the services of both stores which are open 24 hours but InPrint is better. Here are a few reasons why:

They let me access the internet, download files and edit them without charging me a penny.

They printed the files directly from the computer, so there were no darkened images.


They designed and printed my banner

Banner design

There is the fixed priced and the "I’ll give it to you for this much" price. The deal price is probably built in, but it feels good anyway.

However, nothing prepared me for what happened on Tuesday evening this week.

I needed more brochures printed and when I went to pick them up I discovered I had brought the wrong credit card. Ready to leave my order behind until I returned with the proper payment, I was shocked when Dave said

"Take it now."  What?

"Yeah. Yeah. Its okay. Take it now." So I did and came back a few hours later.

This is Prabhakar "Dave" Davkar


Thanks Dave!

I have experienced a casual, but professional work environment. When I went to InPrint in May, I made a decision not to worry about how long it would take get what I needed done. I haven’t tried them on a rush order yet. They are sometimes very busy so patience is required. Usually that pays off in more attention for you when most needed. And you may see some customer interactions that are worth the price of admission!




*long time Vancouverites will remember that the Kinko’s current location was also home to Cardz Computers – I worked there for six months in the early ’90s.

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