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ICBC at Macdonald & 24th

By , 31 July 2007 07:29

Renewed my driver’s license yesterday….

ICBC @ Macdonald & 24th

RAV / Canada Line construction

By , 29 July 2007 23:49

July 29, 2007

19th & Cambie - 29Jul07

Detail – building a bridge
Detail, 19th & Cambie - 29Jul07

North view
19th & Cambie, North view - 29Jul07

South view
19th & Cambie, South view - 29Jul07

Building a bridge across Cambie St.
19th & Cambie, Bridge building - 29Jul07

Images since January 2007 here.

Chemtrails? Naaahhh….

By , 25 July 2007 22:58

A few pics on a bright sunny morning

Conspriacy Theory1

and later in the afternoon:

Conspriacy Theory2

The wikipedia entry: Chemtrail conspiracy theory

RAV / Canada Line construction

By , 17 July 2007 22:02

July 17
19th & Cambie - 17Jul07

19th & Cambie, North view - 17Jul07

19th & Cambie, South view - 17Jul07

City view and Eve's apples

By , 8 July 2007 20:42

Looking north from the corner of Oak and 7th Avenue:

Oak & 7th - 08Jul07

and at my feet a bag of apples.

Eve's Apples - 08July07

The logic escapes me as to why someone would take one bite of an apple and leave the bag on the ground.

RAV / Canada Line construction

By , 3 July 2007 23:51

19th & Cambie - 03Jul07

South view
19th & Cambie, South view - 03Jul07

North view
19th & Cambie, North view - 03Jul07

Something nice a block away
Bubble Machine - 03jul07

Guerrilla gardening update #2

By , 3 July 2007 22:18

Back in February, I added some seeds to a new patch of dirt near Cambie Street

19th & Tupper West#2

March 17, 2007:
19th & Tupper West

They got smart later in the spring and added a huge stone, which prevented people from driving over it. Now look at the results:

19th & Tupper, West view - 03july07

Opening day Riley Park Farmer's market

By , 7 June 2007 00:10

It looked like it would rain at any moment but never did.

Farmer's Market - Riley Park 06Jun07

RAV line construction photos

By , 7 June 2007 00:00

I have been documenting the construction of the RAV [Canada Line] since January 2007

19th & Cambie - 06Jun07

More here

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"Emerging Hope" is having a plant sale and needs some garden space.

By , 20 May 2007 20:45

I was bumbering today after going to the Vancouver South Transfer Station with a load of recycling and picking up another composter when I saw a “Plant Sale” sign on E. King Edward St.

Emerging Hope #1

Emerging Hope

creates employment for people who live in the Downtown Eastside and have multiple barriers to employment. Does landscaping and makes Christmas wreaths, hanging flower baskets, planters, and patio deck boxes. Accepts donations of perennials and old garden pots. Generates revenue with product sales. Source

Emerging Hope #3

but that’s not all. They are moving at the end of the month and need a place to store/move all their plants….

Emerging Hope #2

4001 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5V 4Y9 Canada 604-873-9025

One way to help: SmartGardens – If you have space in your backyard, Emerging Hope will come with their plants [in pots] and store them in the ground until they are ready for sale. Then they will replace them with new plants.

Sharing Backyards in Greater Vancouver

Also blogged at

Dec. ’02:
Wreath makers need workspace


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