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From Green LA Girl: Successful apartment composting stories wanted

By , 6 April 2008 10:27

Los Angeles apartment dwellers could probably make use of a community composting initiative.

Successful apartment composting stories wanted

If you have a lawn or garden, you can easily transform food scraps into healthy, eco-friendly, compost. All you need to compost is basically a bin with holes at the bottom. But apartment-dwellers who don’t want to send fruit peels and veggie pieces to the landfill have a harder go of it. You need more involved equipment — and have to get more involved yourself.

This is why I haven’t started composting yet.

In fact, none of my local green, apartment-dwelling friends compost. And it’s not cuz we’re lazy!

It’s just tough to compost indoors. Jenn of Tiny Choices wrote a great post about the 4 ways to compost indoors. Guess what: Jenn doesn’t compost herself.

Are you a successful apartment composter? Share your story [] to encourage us all, and I’ll include them in a future post. In the meantime, I’m going to figure out how I can push Santa Monica, the city I live in, to give us green bins we can put our food scraps in for city composting. Homeowners get these green bins, but not apartment dwellers.

Composting indoors is a challenge but if you have no outside compost bin, then a combination of using bokashi and a worm bin* may do the job.



It's a big world

By , 20 February 2008 13:11

….until it gets smaller.

I don’t have a television, so I surf the web for news. Firefox came installed with live bookmarks from the BBC and every now and then I read the headlines. Yesterday, I saw this:

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Curfew for US troops in Okinawa

The order for the curfew – which is indefinite and also applies to troops’ relatives – came from the top US commander in Okinawa, Lt-Gen Richard Zilmer.

“Active duty service members on Okinawa will be limited to their place of duty or employment, worship, education, or medical or dental treatment” as they enter a “period of reflection”, a military statement said.

This affects me directly. The spouse of an American service personnel living in Okinawa is putting a package for me in the mail today. I haven’t heard from them yet to know if it has already been done or delayed.

The joys of international politics and the butterfly effect.

Update: Package mailed and received five days later!

CityFarmer TV – Vancouver Aquarium Composts Everything

By , 9 January 2008 21:51

A short video from City Farmer showing how the Vancouver Aquarium has introduced full composting to their public facilities. Well done!

Online Videos by

Heather showed me a new composting initiative taking place at the Vancouver Aquarium. Eighty percent of waste produced at the cafeteria including plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and food waste, goes to a compost facility in Metro Vancouver.

More videos here

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Translink reduces bus service entire week of Xmas in Metro Vancouver

By , 22 November 2007 01:24

Courtesy of the Big Snit blog:

“The usual Christmas Day schedule will remain the same but on Monday, December 24, plus the Thursday and Friday following Boxing Day (December 27th and 28th), buses will be running on a Saturday schedule. Full story at News 1130.”

I guess all the Coast Mountain execs will be taking that week off, unlike 95% of the rest of the world who will be working.

By putting the entire week on holiday bus schedules, Coast Mountain is assuring riders there will be long lines and long waits for public transit. We should be encouraged to use transit to do our Christmas shopping, but the people who run our public transit clearly have decided we should all get in our cars and jam up city streets even more.

Want to complain?

Customer Relations representatives are available to speak with you from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday at 604-953-3040. You may also reach us by or by fax at 604-953-3663. Head office: 1600 – 4720 Kingsway Burnaby, British Columbia Canada V5H 4N2 Telephone: (604) 453-4500


Update – My email to translink…

Sent: 11/22/2007 12:47:41 AM
Subject: Why are you reducing service on the busiest days of the year?


“The usual Christmas Day schedule will remain the same but on Monday, December 24, plus the Thursday and Friday following Boxing Day (December 27th and 28th), buses will be running on a Saturday schedule.”

This is wrong. People go out

to shop [on Boxing Day and the days after]
to party
to visit friends

and they are still

working or
going to school or
to the library.

If there is less transit available, people will drive their cars more contributing to higher greenhouse gas emissions

This is not a sustainable option for a bus company.

I suggest you reverse your decision.


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Keep Transit Public Rally

By , 21 November 2007 23:53

Background and commentary here, here and here [Source]

Keep Transit Public #1 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #2 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #3 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #4 - 21nov07

Keep Transit Public #7 - 21nov07

The video:

I love this creative blast from the past, but I think Richard Nixon might be starting to lose his relevance….

Keep Transit Public #5 - 21nov07

The sign makers told me this was not a real quote, but when you watch the video, Kevin Falcon says that the Gateway Project will not raise greenhouse gas emissions. Go figure.

Keep Transit Public #6 - 21nov07

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Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

By , 15 October 2007 23:35

Check out this video….

Kate Dugas asked this question on Facebook:

will someone please help me understand what this actually means? (the parts of the policy that they seem to want to make sound so scary in this video.)

Mitchell Rhodes responded:

Let’s call anything that gets into Facebook, face-fodder. If the video captured the legalese of Facebook correctly, then it seems that we give away our rights to all face-fodder. Facebook can use all face-fodder for any purpose it wishes, including selling or giving it away. If Facebook decided to sell all the images (pictures and video) of Kate that were ever uploaded to Facebook to XXX, they could do so. Not only does Kate get no royalties, she doesn’t even have a say of yes or no of being used in the advertisement and promotion of selling product XXX. Microsoft is considering investing $500 million into Facebook and a recent New York Times article suggested that Facebook might be valued at $15 billion. It’s been long suspected that the CIA created Facebook. If we weren’t willing to give face-fodder away for free (fun), think about how much it would cost spooks and advertisers to separately collect it. Spying techniques with a revenue stream. It’s a bargain at $15 billion!

Scary stuff indeed.

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Reuters – Vermiculture in Hong Kong

By , 25 September 2007 08:19

Recycling is a hot issue and the numbers speak for themselves: Hong Kong’s population of almost seven million produces 15,000 tones of waste a day and landfill space is rapidly running out, with officials predicting existing sites to be saturated within three years. Source

Solution: Worms*

On a smaller scale see Composting With Red Wiggler Worms at City Farmer.

*video can be seen when viewing original post

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Changing telco providers – how to get in touch with me.

By , 30 August 2007 08:25

This is scheduled to start on Thursday, August 30, 2007

Since this also includes my internet connection, I have no idea how successful the new hookup will be.

Fortunately, my email is routed through gmail, so I will get that from a remote location and within the past few months started using a cell phone.

I do use call forwarding but I don’t trust my [soon to be ex-] telco to be nice about it. So try my regular number first which is call forwarded to my cell, but don’t leave a message if I can’t pickup. Then call 778.848.6086

Update #2 07sep07 – Transfer complete – working normally

Update #1 30aug07 – Internet connected, current phone number still working, email configured.

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