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By , 11 May 2008 19:36

Isabella uses social media a lot and was inspired by moneycoach to get on board the bokashi bandwagon.




By , 11 May 2008 19:18

Lisa works at Junxion Strategy which has a bokashi bucket in their company kitchen.


Being part of the solution in Abbotsford, BC

By , 12 March 2008 20:29

I found this on Vancouver Craigslist today:

Date: 2008-03-11, 9:16PM PDT

The average household sends 500lbs of kitchen waste to the landfill or down the drain each year. Be part of the solution! Let me do the work.
For only $5.00 per week I supply the pail and pick it up each week.


I think this is great idea and I wrote an email to tell them so. I also invited them to explore possible solutions for both customers and them that Biosa and Bokashi could provide.

Even if I hear nothing back, I am happy to see that it is happening in the region where I live.

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Sunday March 9th, 2008 – Bokashi composting demo [show and tell] @ MOBY

By , 4 March 2008 21:34

From an email by Tina D

MOBY has invited Al … to do a Bokashi Composting workshop. I have been using the system for a year now and love it ( no fruit-flies in the summer). Please RSVP if you would like to attend.

See below for more information.

Bokashi Composting Workshop

Check the craigslist link for info

Date: Sunday March 9th

Time: 11am
Location: MOBY Garden
Cost: $5 – can be used toward the kit which costs $45

Limited space – 12 people only. Please RSVP to

For more information please see these websites:

This is not an official guerrilla gardener meet-up so please to

To be clear, we will not be making bokashi. I am showing the process, how it works and the results bokashi compost dug into Tina D’s MOBY garden plot in January. In all, we’re looking at about 30 – 45 minutes.

Client: Compost Guy on Greener Business Podcast

By , 2 March 2008 08:21

GreenerBusiness 16: Starting a Compost

One of my clients – Bentley Christie – is interviewed about composting by this online non-profit that “provides open graphic design and other services/projects.” Near the end, when Bentley talks about bokashi, they feature two of my photos. Here is one of them:

Bokashi composting at work #2

Credit for all Flickr Creative Commons photos is given at the end of the podcast.

CityFarmer TV – Vancouver Aquarium Composts Everything

By , 9 January 2008 21:51

A short video from City Farmer showing how the Vancouver Aquarium has introduced full composting to their public facilities. Well done!

Online Videos by

Heather showed me a new composting initiative taking place at the Vancouver Aquarium. Eighty percent of waste produced at the cafeteria including plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and food waste, goes to a compost facility in Metro Vancouver.

More videos here

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From India: Compost, and be a better person with Daily Dump

By , 1 January 2008 08:23

Compost, and be a better person with Daily Dump

Daily Dump offers a range of products and services that help compost at home. It also provides solutions and knowledge through an open source platform.


By , 22 November 2007 10:36

Elise received a Bokashi Bucket from a fan who ordered them for many of her friends.

Elise - 24oct07

Melanie worked at the one of the Farmer Market vendors

Melanie - 24oct07


Nancy - 24oct07

Another repeat customer – J.B.

BJ's Bokashi - 04Nov07

Bruno is going to make bokashi for use in the school he works at.

Bruno - 05Nov07

Xavier is an friend/acquaintance that I have worked with.


Client blogs about their bokashi bucket

By , 31 October 2007 09:44

From Digitech Laser:

We have decided to start an office composting system. We only have 13 employees so we aren’t generating a large amount of waste, but we still think we should try and cut down. Our first idea was to have a company come in and pick up our compostable materials, but after some searching we found that Vancouver doesn’t currently have this system in place. Smithrite offers this, but not for offices as small as ours. We then thought about setting up a worm bin, but from our research we think that this method can be smelly and there are a lot of materials that have to be kept out.

Then we found the “Bokashi Bucket”. It was appealing to us because it claims to have no smell, no worms, recycles all types of waste other than liquids and is small enough for in the office kitchen.

The post includes a link to my website and updates have already been posted

Thanks Nikki.
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Reuters – Vermiculture in Hong Kong

By , 25 September 2007 08:19

Recycling is a hot issue and the numbers speak for themselves: Hong Kong’s population of almost seven million produces 15,000 tones of waste a day and landfill space is rapidly running out, with officials predicting existing sites to be saturated within three years. Source

Solution: Worms*

On a smaller scale see Composting With Red Wiggler Worms at City Farmer.

*video can be seen when viewing original post

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