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2009/10 Winter Farmers Market Schedule

By , 27 November 2009 09:38

Many people during the summer asked if I would be at Winter Farmers Market at the Wise Hall, so I decided to apply.



December 5 – 10am – 2pm

December 12 – Holiday Market 10am – 6pm

Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive


January 16

March 27


I am, of course, available at other times to meet with new and repeat customers.


There is also a coupon on p. 209 of the 2010


book [and p. 201 of the 2009 edition]



2009 Farmers Market Schedule

By , 26 June 2009 08:30

If you are a returning customer, send me an email or give me a call to let me know the day you plan to come. That way I will bring extra bokashi for you.

New this year: All customers will get a bokashi card. After your 5th refill, you get a free bag of bokashi!!

June 28 – Kitsilano [Map]
July 1 – Main Street Station [Map]
July 8 – Main Street
June 15 – Main Street
July 22 – Main Street
July 26 – Kitsilano
July 29 – Kitsilano
Aug 2 – Gastown [Map] – New!
Aug 9 – Kitsilano
Aug 16 – Gastown
Aug 23 – Kitsilano
Aug 16 – Gastown
Sept 6 – Kitsilano
Sept 27 – Salmon Celebration*
Oct 18 – Kitsilano
Oct 25 – Kitsilano

*in Vanier Park [Corrected 25Sep09 – Not a Farmers Market event. Regrets for the inconvenience this may have caused]

I have also applied to am attending the Gastown Farmers Market which will operate on Sundays between August and September. When I know my dates, I’ll add them here and in the sidebar.

That has never happened to me before

By , 11 July 2008 02:58

InPrint Graphics

InPrint 10Jul08

is at 1935 West Broadway across the street from the big box FedEx Kinko’s*.

I have used the services of both stores which are open 24 hours but InPrint is better. Here are a few reasons why:

They let me access the internet, download files and edit them without charging me a penny.

They printed the files directly from the computer, so there were no darkened images.


They designed and printed my banner

Banner design

There is the fixed priced and the "I’ll give it to you for this much" price. The deal price is probably built in, but it feels good anyway.

However, nothing prepared me for what happened on Tuesday evening this week.

I needed more brochures printed and when I went to pick them up I discovered I had brought the wrong credit card. Ready to leave my order behind until I returned with the proper payment, I was shocked when Dave said

"Take it now."  What?

"Yeah. Yeah. Its okay. Take it now." So I did and came back a few hours later.

This is Prabhakar "Dave" Davkar


Thanks Dave!

I have experienced a casual, but professional work environment. When I went to InPrint in May, I made a decision not to worry about how long it would take get what I needed done. I haven’t tried them on a rush order yet. They are sometimes very busy so patience is required. Usually that pays off in more attention for you when most needed. And you may see some customer interactions that are worth the price of admission!




*long time Vancouverites will remember that the Kinko’s current location was also home to Cardz Computers – I worked there for six months in the early ’90s.

I'll be at the Vancouver Farmers Market this summer

By , 30 May 2008 13:58

It is official. I have 16 days at the Vancouver Farmers Market this year. Eight days each at Kitsilano & Riley Park. You can see a schedule on the right, but for the record, here are the days:

  • June 1 – Kitsilano
  • June 11 – Riley Park
  • June 15 – Kitsilano
  • June 25 – Riley Park
  • July 9 – Riley Park
  • July 20 – Kitsilano
  • July 23 – Riley Park
  • Aug 3 – Kitsilano
  • Aug 6 – Riley Park
  • Aug 20 – Riley Park
  • Aug 24 – Kitsilano
  • Sept 3 – Riley Park
  • Sept 17 – Riley Park
  • Sept 28 – Kitsilano
  • Oct 12 – Kitsilano
  • Oct 26 – Kitsilano

    This is a whole new marketing dynamic. Previous years, I parked my bicycle outside

    Bokashi Bike

    the market area, displayed my bokashi kits and arranged to meet with people later in the week. The inner cynic in me says that officials at YLFMS – who are all great people – let me have a booth to keep me from going there on the days that I’m not inside. I don’t mind at all!

    In the past month, I have acquired a tent for my booth, a banner, folding tables, decorative items for displaying my wares, new printed materials, arranged Car Co-op vehicle use etc. The biggest challenge is trying to determine  how much stock to bring. I don’t want to run out before the final bell goes. This week, I’m bringing it all!

    I already have commitments for orders this Sunday. That’s a nice feeling.

    So watch this space for updates. I can’t live blog my first day, but I’ll try to make notes as I go along and post it in the evening along with some pictures.

    One more thing: Letting me know in advance that you are coming to purchase my products on the market days would be greatly appreciated. That way, I can hold items aside for you until you arrive.

  • -30-

    If you are in the Vancouver network on Facebook you can join the Farmers Market group page here and their fan page here.

    I also have a fan page on Facebook: Great Day Bokashi

    Sunday March 9th, 2008 – Bokashi composting demo [show and tell] @ MOBY

    By , 4 March 2008 21:34

    From an email by Tina D

    MOBY has invited Al … to do a Bokashi Composting workshop. I have been using the system for a year now and love it ( no fruit-flies in the summer). Please RSVP if you would like to attend.

    See below for more information.

    Bokashi Composting Workshop

    Check the craigslist link for info

    Date: Sunday March 9th

    Time: 11am
    Location: MOBY Garden
    Cost: $5 – can be used toward the kit which costs $45

    Limited space – 12 people only. Please RSVP to

    For more information please see these websites:

    This is not an official guerrilla gardener meet-up so please to

    To be clear, we will not be making bokashi. I am showing the process, how it works and the results bokashi compost dug into Tina D’s MOBY garden plot in January. In all, we’re looking at about 30 – 45 minutes.

    Another bokashi composter 'born' after reading my blog

    By , 20 February 2008 10:14

    Oanh a lawyer in England via Australia writes about her experiences exploring composting options and finds that bokashi is best solution:

    Halfway between Ca Mau and Sai Gon: Compost-ing

    So I started reading about Bokashi again. And this time, one year on, many more people have it and have used it, and can attest to it. Since entering the blogging world, I tend to trust bloggers’ reviews of products. I can gauge how similar I am to them, or their process of thinking, by reading happily around their archives and deciding whether or not what they say can apply to me. I tend to search reviews on the internet and specifically on blogs.

    Initially, I avoided Bokashi Man because, although he’s a blog [sic], he was a seller of the Bokashi bran and plastic buckets. I thought he would be commercial. But eventually, I returned to his site and had a proper read. He is full of useful information, and is not just trying to sell his product. Indeed, he directed a person from New Zealand (we Aussies call them Kiwis, but I think perjoratively, so perhaps I should not) to another site from which they could purchase the product. He’s also a decent read….


    P.S. There’s a neat pic on Oanh’s blog.

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    A customer enquiry from….

    By , 16 January 2008 21:00

    …New Zealand! That is the first outside of North America and the farthest away to date. It will be hard to beat.

    As much as I would like to claim being a global business [I do have a few clients in the U.S.A.], I explained that the cost of shipping and carbon footprint would be to high and bokashi products are already available in New Zealand.

    I feel like Kris Kringle in “Miracle on 34th St“. Yes, you can buy it from me but the store across the street has it cheaper.

    Farmers Market – Last day

    By , 24 October 2007 19:05

    I like the fact that they get their own sign:

    Farmers Market Last Day - 24oct07

    It was a cloudy day

    Last Day Cloudy - 24oct07

    Then a sunny day

    Last Day Sun - 24oct07

    More sun

    North Shore - 24oct07

    The colour on this tree is amazing when it is cloudy

    Tree #1 Before the sun - 24oct07

    and even better when it was sunny

    Tree #2 Before the wind - 24oct07

    A few hours of wind had many leaves falling

    Tree #3 After the wind -  24oct07

    Bob Dylan promotes Bokashi

    By , 23 September 2007 08:28

    What can I say? He comes cheap these days…

    This customizable version of the famous music video of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues is part of a promotion for Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits collection in stores October 1.

    Also available as a Facebook application


    Hat tip: William Azaroff via Facebook
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    At the Vancouver Folk Music Festival outside market

    By , 16 July 2007 16:46

    Last year, the day before I joined the Co-Operative Auto Network, I went the Vancouver Music Festival and spent some time at the outside market along the fence. I decided that I would bring my bokashi buckets next year and so I did.

    This was the first time I brought inventory ready to sell at an event. I started getting ready on Wednesday with new flyers and material. I hired J, my neighbour’s son as my assistant and ‘guard dog’ as he called himself.

    We started early and got there about 8:30 A.M. All day parking for $5? Can’t beat that. Got a spot between two existing booths and started to setup. Three trips later I was ready for the day:

    Folk Fest #1 - 15jul07

    That’s J, not me. Here I am at work:

    FolkFest #2 - 15jul07

    All I can say is that the day was very long. It was great too. Lots of information given out and explanations made. I brought bokashi to sell separately and a few people bought that. As well, I have two new bokashi composting customers:

    Lisa and Devin:
    Folk Fest #3 - 15jul07

    Kathy and Jeremy:
    Folk Fest #4 - 15jul07
    [Kathy has provided me with two referrals – Thanks!]

    My neighbours included Miriam of Flaming Angels Design
    Folk Fest #5 - 15jul07
    had helpful advice about vending to share

    and Leslie [taking a break]
    Folk Fest #6 - 15jul07
    who lent us her comfy chairs for us to sit on. Much appreciated!! I went out and bought one on Monday.

    Finally, a panorama of the view from our area:

    Folk Fest #7 - Panorama - 15jul07
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