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2009/10 Winter Farmers Market Schedule

By , 27 November 2009 09:38

Many people during the summer asked if I would be at Winter Farmers Market at the Wise Hall, so I decided to apply.



December 5 – 10am – 2pm

December 12 – Holiday Market 10am – 6pm

Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive


January 16

March 27


I am, of course, available at other times to meet with new and repeat customers.


There is also a coupon on p. 209 of the 2010


book [and p. 201 of the 2009 edition]



2009 Farmers Market Schedule

By , 26 June 2009 08:30

If you are a returning customer, send me an email or give me a call to let me know the day you plan to come. That way I will bring extra bokashi for you.

New this year: All customers will get a bokashi card. After your 5th refill, you get a free bag of bokashi!!

June 28 – Kitsilano [Map]
July 1 – Main Street Station [Map]
July 8 – Main Street
June 15 – Main Street
July 22 – Main Street
July 26 – Kitsilano
July 29 – Kitsilano
Aug 2 – Gastown [Map] – New!
Aug 9 – Kitsilano
Aug 16 – Gastown
Aug 23 – Kitsilano
Aug 16 – Gastown
Sept 6 – Kitsilano
Sept 27 – Salmon Celebration*
Oct 18 – Kitsilano
Oct 25 – Kitsilano

*in Vanier Park [Corrected 25Sep09 – Not a Farmers Market event. Regrets for the inconvenience this may have caused]

I have also applied to am attending the Gastown Farmers Market which will operate on Sundays between August and September. When I know my dates, I’ll add them here and in the sidebar.

Bears and Bokashi

By , 3 June 2009 05:16

From the email:

T writes: Have you had any experience with the bears and the fermented compost? Are they attracted to it? I live in West Vancouver and would like to order some dry bokashi mix but was wondering about the bears when I go to bury the fermented food scraps.

All I can say with certainty is that the deeper you bury the fermented food scraps, less smell will percolate above ground. It is my opinion that bokashi compost does not smell like normal rotting food waste so it is less attractive to animals that may want to eat it.

A few years ago, I put a large quantity of bokashi prepared food waste on a raised garden bed and covered it with straw. Purposely, I left one corner exposed and waited to see what would happen. Wasps and flies were around but never landed on it.

Your own experience may vary. I hope this helps.


[as this person did by some bokashi, I’ll be asking for updates]


Bokashi and odour control

By , 20 May 2009 05:14

From the email:

From: Sue N
Date: Tue, May 19, 2009 at 7:09 PM
Subject: [Bokashi]

Hi Al,

I save organic waste for a friend who has a community garden plot. As I live in very small studio apartment with no cross-ventilation, the odour can be fairly overpowering every time I lift the lid of the ice-cream pail containing the potential compost.

A friend gave me a sample of your [Bokashi] product, and it made an immediate difference to the strength (and quality) of the offensive smell.  I can now continue to save this material for my friend during the summer months, rather than stopping until the cold strikes again.

Good product!

Sue N

Thanks Sue. I really appreciate this kind of feedback.


Office composting

By , 28 April 2009 23:49

From the email:

I got your site from one of your customers. I want to set up a
composting system on our deck here, but want to make sure that it doesn’t have flies, and that it works on a balcony.

We have a staff of about 60, so we produce a fair amount of compost.

What can you do to help set us up properly over here. Keep in mind, we are a non-profit.

A collection bucket in the kitchen can hold the food waste until it is full. At that point, it can be placed in 5 – 6 gallon plastic pail [HDPE 2] and bokashi sprinkled on top. This will start the fermentation process and keep the flies and smells down as more material is added. A 5 – 6 gallon pail will fill up in about 7 – 10 days. Bokashi can be added to the kitchen collection bucket as well.

When the 5 gallon bucket is full, it needs to sit for about 10 – 14 days to finish fermenting. At that point it can be added to a composting system for finishing.

The biggest challenge will be processing all the collected bokashi compost material. If you have the space, it can be done but it may work just as well to give some of the full buckets to your staff to process in their own compost bins at home. One of my customers, the AIBC office , does that now.

Here is a simple Do it Yourself compost bin

This can be adapted to the size required.

Worm composting for large facilities is possible as well.

Here are some options:
1) in Vernon
2) in Kamloops
3) from Quebec

I have one more option in the process of being developed that would be ideal for apartment size balconies. When it is ready, I will give it to you to test out.

All these systems are compatible with bokashi as an adjunct to normal composting. In a small urban space, odour and fruit fly reduction are important. Bokashi can assist with that.

Bokashi in Spain – YouTube

By , 14 October 2008 23:48

I appreciate how the developers here have simplified the complexity and made it as easy as possible for many people to use bokashi. It is a great adaptation which I will see if I can implement.



Using bokashi to help control fruit flies

By , 5 October 2008 17:36

Bruce from HT Naturals writes:

We started using bokashi to help control the fruit flies in our small compost collection in our office/warehouse. The bokashi has worked perfectly and exactly as we had hoped for that purpose. We definitely saw an immediate and significant reduction in the fruit flies due to the bokashi and they are virtually non existent now (when we stay on top of adding the bokashi). As an added bonus the compost is also way less smelly now. We will continue to use bokashi and strongly recommend it to anyone who is composting in a work and home situation.



Anke's bokashi bucket [Germany]

By , 17 July 2008 06:56

I found a picture of Anke’s bucket on Flickr and provided some advice to her. This is a DIY bucket that a company makes but also provides details on how to make your own.

After I sent her the instructions I usually give to clients, Anke decided start the process over and document it. Links to my website & blog are in the pic of the bucket with foil tape on it.

bokashi – a set on Flickr

Update: Anke added a post on her blog


Bokashi & Bones

By , 2 June 2008 08:17

Within twelve hours of responding to a blog post about the same topic, I received this email:

I’m trying to find out if chicken bones are okay in my bokashi bucket (hope so cause I already put them in). You said chicken is fine, so how about the bones?…If bones are not okay, should I go to the trouble to dig them out? How
should I best compost bones?

My response [from the blog comments]:

If everything is smelling of fermenting, then you are doing the right things.

But fermentation is not composting. The food wastes added to your bokashi bucket may not look much different than when they went in. but their chemical structure has change completely.

It is when your bokashi food waste goes into your compost heap that the real composting begins. Bones do take longer to break down but in my experience, they become soft and pliable after several weeks/months in the compost.

Will they disappear? Eventually. If you want to make that happen faster, the best thing I can suggest is to break the bones into smaller pieces when you put them in your bokashi bucket.

Hope that helps.




I'll be at the Vancouver Farmers Market this summer

By , 30 May 2008 13:58

It is official. I have 16 days at the Vancouver Farmers Market this year. Eight days each at Kitsilano & Riley Park. You can see a schedule on the right, but for the record, here are the days:

  • June 1 – Kitsilano
  • June 11 – Riley Park
  • June 15 – Kitsilano
  • June 25 – Riley Park
  • July 9 – Riley Park
  • July 20 – Kitsilano
  • July 23 – Riley Park
  • Aug 3 – Kitsilano
  • Aug 6 – Riley Park
  • Aug 20 – Riley Park
  • Aug 24 – Kitsilano
  • Sept 3 – Riley Park
  • Sept 17 – Riley Park
  • Sept 28 – Kitsilano
  • Oct 12 – Kitsilano
  • Oct 26 – Kitsilano

    This is a whole new marketing dynamic. Previous years, I parked my bicycle outside

    Bokashi Bike

    the market area, displayed my bokashi kits and arranged to meet with people later in the week. The inner cynic in me says that officials at YLFMS – who are all great people – let me have a booth to keep me from going there on the days that I’m not inside. I don’t mind at all!

    In the past month, I have acquired a tent for my booth, a banner, folding tables, decorative items for displaying my wares, new printed materials, arranged Car Co-op vehicle use etc. The biggest challenge is trying to determine  how much stock to bring. I don’t want to run out before the final bell goes. This week, I’m bringing it all!

    I already have commitments for orders this Sunday. That’s a nice feeling.

    So watch this space for updates. I can’t live blog my first day, but I’ll try to make notes as I go along and post it in the evening along with some pictures.

    One more thing: Letting me know in advance that you are coming to purchase my products on the market days would be greatly appreciated. That way, I can hold items aside for you until you arrive.

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    If you are in the Vancouver network on Facebook you can join the Farmers Market group page here and their fan page here.

    I also have a fan page on Facebook: Great Day Bokashi

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