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By , 12 April 2007 00:39

I joined the Co-operative Auto Network* in July of 2006 and it was one of the best decisions that I have made in recent years. I paid my refundable $500 share and received a four hour orientation. Knowing that I have access to a vehicle if I need one is liberating.

There are buckets available for reuse in Langley once a month that I pickup in a small truck, which makes my business more sustainable and keeps my costs down. During Vancouver’s last major deluge – 11 March 07 – I decided that a 40 minute bike ride to a friend’s party was not worth getting soaked to the bone so I booked a C.A.N. car instead.

Now Zipcar an American car-sharing company has come to Vancouver and they are going after the same market that C.A.N. is. And they have a $25 initiation fee compared to C.A.N’s $500 share purchase requirement.

However, when it comes to the actual use of the vehicles, there is big difference in the pricing as Jen – who compared her C.A.N. invoices with Zipcar’s pricing – writes:

The Zip car would cost nearly double. Actually more than that, because the only cars available in my neighbourhood are “cool” cars – so I would mostly be paying the $11.75 rate, rather than the $9.75. Though Zipcar does offer discounts (around 10%) for pre-paying at least $50 every month, the $50 doesn’t roll-over if you don’t use it. Also, my average trip length is about 25kms. To use the included 150kms/day, you’d have to be driving to Abbotsford and back on each trip.

Read it all….

Jen’s post blogged about on
www.darrenbarefoot.com which I read at http://planet.northernvoice.ca

Edit: “So Zipcar…” changed to “Now….”

*Use this code: M4199 when you join. – Added 06 May 2007

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